"You don't bring us into the hands of sin (of any kind)." (Continuation of 1st prayer after Morning Blessings).

I love this prayer because, when I immerse myself in it, I can set my entire day on the correct path. This part of the prayer teaches me that I always have choice as to my actions. It also reminds me that, even though I will make mistakes, I don't have to fall into the power of these mistakes. I do not have to be my mistakes. Food is a great example of this. I struggle with weight issues and have all my life. When I have a bad meal, this prayer teaches that I don't have to have a bad eating day! Also, this teaches me that God never wants me to fall into the power of error/sin/etc.


Some people ask me if my journey was God's Will, meaning that my actions were, somehow, part of God's plan. I believe this prayer is saying NO! This is an important issue for many people. We like to blame God when things go "wrong" for us. I understand this part of the prayer to be reminding us it is our choice to go further down the path of negativity, not God's plan! God is not 'controlling' us as if we are puppets, rather, God gives us the Mitzvot and The Torah(as said earlier in the prayer) as the roadmap and antidote to our straying from a life of decency and wholeness.

1)    What makes me 'give up' once I have made a mistake and ruin my entire day, week?

2)    When do I fall into the power of the negativity around me.

3)    How can I use prayer, Mitzvot, Torah (a program of recovery) to "do the next right action" even while in the midst of negativity?