"May it be Your Will, Adonai, our God, to make us accustom to Your Torah and have union with Your Mitzvot..." (Continuation of prayer following Morning Blessings)

I love this prayer. I have a different translation, It is my will, before You, Adonai our God to cause us to stand in Your Torah and have union with Your Mitzvot.  It doesn't make sense that we are calling upon God to use God's Will to have us be standing in Torah all the time, of course God wants us to live Torah, hence we will receive it, again, on Shavuot.

For me, the depth of this prayer is that I have got to make sure that my eyes are open and I am committing to a life rooted in Torah. Even when I err, I am still rooted in Torah because I do T'Shuvah and the only reason I know that I err is because I follow the Code of Torah.


This prayer, for me, is a daily reminder of the Revelation that happened at Mt. Sinai and my (our) response to it. Each day, I get to remember the moment of my accepting Torah as my way of living and stay loyal to this response. It means that I have to connect each day with my Soul and ensure that I am connecting with God and community. I have to remember that Living Torah and Revelation is a personal experience that can only happen in community! I get the opportunity to manifest the Love that God, significant other, family, friends and strangers have so freely given to me and use this Love to help move the world forward, one grain of sand at a time. I do this by living the Principles of justice, love, truth, kindness, righteousness and compassion for and with myself and everyone else.

1)    How am I standing in and guided by Torah in my daily affairs

2)    What are the ways I am deepening my connection to the Mitzvot/principles of Torah, i.e. Justice, love, truth, etc.?

3)    How do I stay loyal to the experience of Revelation from God?