"You don't make me controlled by my Yetzer HaRa (evil inclination/earthly inclination)." (Continuation of prayer)

Here again, the prayer reminds us of our choice and dispels a big lie! God doesn't control us by remote control through our Yetzer HaRa. In fact, God doesn't control us at all. So, we are responsible. This prayer brings home Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel's teaching: "In a free society, some are guilty and all are responsible." Since leaving Egypt (and before) God's plan was for the world to be a free society. We cannot blame God and/or others for our choices and/or errors. We have to be responsible. "The devil made me do it" is a lie that is exposed in this sentence from this prayer.


This is an important teaching. It tells me that I am controlled by my choices which are influenced by my spirit, my intellect and my emotions. I am constantly reminded that even when others 'do it to me', I have the choice to respond or react. My response/reaction is dependenton my Spiritual, Emotional and Intellectual temperature at the moment! This part of this prayer reminds and calls upon me to grow the spiritual, emotional and intellectual parts of me each day.

1)    How do I let go of the Big Lie that my Yetzer HaRa is controlling me?

2)    What are the ways I am practicing being responsible and free?

3)    How am I growing my Spiritual, emotional and intellectual parts of me each day?