"Blessed are You, Adonai, who crowns Israel with beauty." (Morning Blessings)

Some translations speak of Israel's glory, I prefer to translate it as beauty. Why? Because I know that I can get caught up in false pride of "glory" and beauty is something that I admire and have to enhance/add to. Each morning, I am reminded that beauty is within me and within you. I am obligated to let more of my beauty shine in the world, rather than keep a hard shell that seems impenetrable. I also state my plan/resolve to add to my own inner beauty, your inner beauty and the beauty of the world by taking proper actions during the day and continuing to repair actions that were not proper. Again, being Israel means living in a state that has strength and beauty to fulfill my unique purpose and help you fulfill your unique purpose in our own individual and unique ways.

1)    How am I caught up in False Pride

2)    What am I doing to add to my inner beauty and yours?

3)    When am I living as Israel as a unique individual and adding to the world according to my unique purpose and passion?