"Blessed are You, Adonai, who gives strength to the weary." (Morning Blessings)

This last of the morning Blessings is wonderful. It reminds/teaches me that living a full life, one of passion, purpose, strength and beauty is also, at times, very hard and I will feel depleted! I have to know that this is true and not feel lacking because I am feeling weary. For me, this is very hard. When I feel weary, my default is to find something wrong with myself or you😉! This prayer tells me that God knows the work is hard, long, impossible to finish and to not fall into despair when I am weary. Rather, I have to know that I must be doing all I can when I feel weary. Also, there is a place/entity I can go to for replenishment. That place is my soul/spirit/inner place of rest and the Entity is God. The challenge is to remember this teaching of our tradition when weariness hits.

1)    How do I not fall into despair when I feel weary?

2)    What do I do when weariness sets in?

3)    Where do I go to replenish my Soul?