"Blessed are You, Adonai, who girds Israel with strength." (Morning Blessings)

While this prayer could be seen very narrowly, I realize that Israel is not just a descriptive word for Jewish, it is a state of being. Wrestling with ourselves, others and God is a state of being that signifies courage, growth, love and connection. We pray for strength because it takes great moral, emotional, intellectual and Spiritual strength to continue to wrestle rather than settle/know it all. I constantly need an extra ounce (maybe pounds) of strength to not give in to the baser instincts that I have. I need extra strength to not fold under the pressure of my inauthentic needs/desires. I need extra strength to hold fast to principles in the face of adversity. The strength I pray for is inner strength to not be so explosive that I alienate others. I pray for the inner strength to hear the Call of God, Ayecha, and be able to respond, Hineni, here I am.

1)    What strength do I need today?

2)    How am I seeing everyone as part of Israel, one who wrestles with self, another and God?

3)    How am I using my inner strength well today?