"Blessed are You, Adonai, who firms each person's footsteps." (Morning Blessings)

Building upon yesterday's Blessing, this one reminds me/teaches me that I don't have to lose my way/path. Each step I take, when I take it with deliberation and Kavanah (appreciating that I am living in a Covenant with God), gets firmer and firmer because God is with me. Realizing this truth and being grateful to and for God, allows me/obligates me to stay more rooted in the path of decency and service that God guides and assists me on. I also love that your steps are made firmer in your way and as you need. So, I never have to compare or compete with you- you are becoming more rooted in your paths and me in mine. What this does for all of us and the world is, as Rabbi Heschel teaches, give us room to sing the Niggun of our Soul. It causes us to be more aware of and engaged in "lending form to a Divine Theme" (from Rabbi Heschel) to all of our actions.

1)    How firmly am I rooted in my current life patterns?

2)    What do I need to do to allow God to firm my footsteps and path?

3)    When do I "lend form to a Divine Theme?