"God bless you and protect you. The light of God's face and Grace is on you. God lifts God's face on you and puts wholeness upon you". (Priestly Blessing)


We say this Blessing early in the morning and then again in the Amidah. Here, as we begin the morning with prayer, this prayer gives us a new way to see today. It gives us the assurance that God is with us and, with God's protection, we can face and meet the challenges of the day. The prayer reminds us of what is important, blessing others as well as ourselves, recognizing God's Grace in our everyday living and our journey to wholeness. None of this happens without God and us in partnership


1)    How do I see today as new, keeping yesterday and tomorrow in their proper places?

2)    What are the ways I experience God's light and Grace today?

3)    When do I recognize the blessings of others and the ways I bless others?