"My God, the soul you have given me is pure..." (Gratitude for the Soul)


WOW, what a concept! I have a pure soul each morning. This is the logical response to the experience of saying the prayer of gratitude for waking up. Yet, it is hard to keep this concept and truth at the forefront of our being. This prayer reminds us that our Souls are pure, we can wall them off, ignore them, we just can't deny their purity. Purity in this context is that we live in God's world, not the world of the profane, evil. It also reminds us that we are Holy Souls. When we recite this prayer, we are committing to not be overcome by the negativity in the world. We commit to not sink into despair.

1)    How do my actions acknowledge my Holy Soul?

2)    What are the ways I mended my 'hole in the soul'/loneliness

3)    How did I open myself to my soul and allow others to see my soul today?