"Blessed are You, Adonai, ... Who has commanded us to be in the business of/immersed in the words of Torah" (Morning Blessing of gratitude for Torah)


This prayer reminds me that Torah is not to be 'read', rather it is to be lived. The word La'asok is also used to denote business. What an amazing idea. In our Morning Blessings, we are grateful and reminded to make Torah living our business. This is what Rabbi Heschel means, I believe, when he speaks of immersing ourselves in Torah. We have a choice everyday, to live at the surface or to be involved, engaged, immersed in our lives and the lives of the people around us. This prayer motivates us to remember who we are; Divine Needs. God and the people around us need us to Live Torah, not just read and analyze it.


1)    How am I making Torah my business?

2)    What parts of my life am I truly engaged, involved and immersed in?

3)    What Divine Need am I fulfilling today?