"How goodly are your tents Jacob and your dwelling places Israel... I love the house where God dwells and place where you glory lives." (Ma Tovu Prayer)

This prayer begins with words from a man paid to curse the Israelites and God caused him to bless the Israelites. Each time I read this prayer, it reminds me to see the good in my life. It helps me realize that when I am feeling poorly, I actually have enough and I can keep growing my life each day. The second half of this prayer reminds me of where I am- in God's House and enveloped in God's glory/love. I forget this often and get caught up in the lie that I am alone, I could be homeless, etc. This verse helps me to recover my equilibrium and stand firmer in my authentic life and place.


1)    How do I turn curses into blessings?

2)    How do I see the good that is my life?

3)    What are the reminders I need to remember that I am enveloped in God's love?