"Blessed are You, Adonai, who fashions humans with wisdom and created within them openings and cavities... Heals all flesh and does wonders. (Prayer for our Bodies)

This prayer reminds us to be grateful for our bodies and gives us the obligation to care for our bodies with wisdom. It also reminds us that the fact that our bodies work is a wonder that we should take note of, not take our bodies for granted. I am reminded of Rabbi Heschel's teaching, "Indifference to the Sublime wonder of living is the root of sin." Also, we recognize that God is healer and wonder maker. What a concept. While we are healed by physicians, we reaffirm that all wisdom comes from God!


1)    How often do I take my body for granted?

2)    What daily physical care do I engage in?

3)    How often am I indifferent to the sublime wonder of my physicality?