"Blessed is the One who spoke and the world was created" (1st prayer of Morning Songs)

This prayer begins the second part of the Morning Service- comprised of songs and Psalms. The prayer reminds us of our powerlessness in creating the world. It also praises God for all the wondrous things that make up this world.


This prayer reminds us of the power of speech! God speaks and creation happens. God speaks and we can/are redeemed. Since we are Divine Needs, Divine Reminders and created in the Divine Image, the same is true for us. Our words have power. We can create beauty, joy, wonder, awe, mystery, greatness, and we can create chaos, destruction, sadness, smallness and break spirits with our speech. This prayer reminds me to act like God and create redemption rather than enslavement, wonder rather than despair, and awe rather than cynicism.

1)    What am I creating with my words?

2)    How can I use speech to create redemption in my life and the life of others?

3)    When are my words praising and when are they cursing?