"We will compel our Inclinations to serve you" (Same prayer)

The first time I read these words, I understood them as saying that God would compel my inclinations to serve God. I was young and knew that this wasn't true because I was doing bad already! In my Recovery and through studying Rabbi Heschel, I have come to understand this prayer differently. I have to participate in compelling my inclinations to serve God. In the Jewish Tradition, as I understand it, God is not 'the guy in the sky'. God is an abstract entity, NOT HUMAN! Since God is not human, we can never truly have a definition and/or knowing of God. We can, however, know God's Will through Torah and Prayer and Action.


This part of the prayer is calling on us to take the actions necessary to compel our inclinations (good and evil) to serve God!! What a concept- even our Yetzer HaRa (evil inclination) can serve God. Yet, not in a negative way, I believe. Our Yetzer HaRa gets us to build buildings, find cures, marry, have children, many other great things. Our Yetzer Tov directs the Yetzer HaRa in these things so that they don't get out of proper measure.Our Yetzer HaRa directs the Yetzer Tov into action and making the world a little better.  We are committing to not allow either Yetzer to get out of control and to ensure that they serve others, God and, ultimately ourselves.

1)    How am I still trying to define God so I can control God?

2)    What actions do I need to compel my Inclinations to serve God?

3)    How am I acting on God's Will today?