You Matter - I Matter - We All Matter

Everything we do has an impact on ourselves. Everything we do has an impact on other people. Everything we do has an impact on God and the world. This is why spiritual traditions and recovery programs put such emphasis on personal responsibility, asking us to continually grow and take inventory of what we do well and what we do not-so-well.

FYOU - I forgive. I forgive myself. I forgive you. Forgiving others is so important to the wellbeing of each individual and to our society as a whole. We are engaged in a battle for the soul of our country and the soul of the world. The war is being fought by those who want to hate and be angry, blame others, and take no responsibility for their own actions by wrapping themselves in their "good intentions." FYOU is a practice that allows each of us to have empathy for other people. When we FYOU we rid ourselves of resentments and anger. We can be upset over the hurtful actions and not the person who acted. We accept that we, as people, often have no idea when we are doing something harmful. FYOU allows for a conversation and the possibility of reconciliation, reconnection, and redemption.