Unpredictable, Unexpected, and unfiltered

Rabbi Mark knows the value of time. But he also knows the importance of the lessons in the Torah and the challenge of conveying them quickly. For that reason, Rabbi Mark offers the virtually impossible: providing a 3-minute lesson on the weekly parashah, expressing fresh and unique interpretations of the parashiyot, and how each continues to provide completely relevant wisdom in the millennial age. Looking at Torah as a living narrative with current, germane implications, he has been known to call Abraham a "pimp," Sarah a "whore," and God the "original prankster." This is Torah as you’ve never quite heard it before; with insights that may alternately shock, comfort, surprise, disturb, and resonate with you. They will make you think and understand the Hebrew Bible like never before.

These videos provide just a taste of Rabbi Mark’s Street Torah – for a comprehensive understanding and immersion in all Five Books of Moses, check out Rabbi Mark's new book: Finding Recovery and Yourself in Torah: A Daily Spiritual Path to Wholeness (Jewish Lights Publishing).