We, The People have to stop the hatred and fear that is rampant in our culture today. The Police killings of Black Men has to end!#BlackLivesMatter is not just a Hashtag- it is a Truth! In fact#Alllivesmatter is also a truth! "Evil flourishes when good people do nothing" is more that a slogan, it is an Eternal Truth! How do we change our current culture? What is the action Good People have to take?

I believe in Rabbi Abraham Heschel's teaching "prejudice is an eye disease". We have to first change the lens of fear and hatred that we see the world through, we see our neighbors thru and we see ourselves through. I agree with Rabbi Heschel when he says "suspect your neighbor" has become the watchword instead of "love your neighbor".

We can end this culture by seeing each person as a "Divine Reminder and a Divine Need" as Rabbi Heschel said in 1972! How do we do this? I have done this through these ways:
1) Accept who I am, made in the Image of God, with all of my talents and gifts and imperfections.
2) See the Divine in every other human I encounter and, when necessary, agree to disagree. Knowing that the other person(s) may be right and explore through dialogue when I need to change my vision.
3) Constantly and consistently look inside myself and enhance my gifts and talents and repair my errors and when I miss the mark.
4) Know that I need another(s) to live well, as the Bible says, "it is not good for Adam to live alone". Remembering that everyone matters!
5) Live life through the Principles of Truth, Kindness, Grace, and Compassion and Love.
6) Live our gratitude out loud.

Remember that God lives in and with each individual and each community and every space in the world. Remember that each life is a gift and we are responsible to care for and use our gifts with respect and to the fullest we can In each moment.

These are the ways that I have to overcome my hatred and fear. I recommend them to everyone.