" God protects the fallen and straightens the bent." (Ashrei Prayer)

These words are making me cry right this moment. With the turmoil that is going on inside of me and in the world, I/we forget that God/Divine Energy is here for us and we don't' realize it because of fear/despair. What am I afraid of? I won't have enough, which is ridiculous based on my history, the history of my family, my people, and the world. I have fallen so often and God has protected me- even when I wasn't aware of God's protection and only saw/see it in hindsight. Here, King David is giving us Prophecy and we say the words and don't immerse ourselves in them enough for them to be part of our consciousness.


The challenge for all of us is, of course, to learn from our mistakes, know that we will continue to fall and get up, know that we will get bent/crooked and can be straightened. How do all these things happen? Not by magic, not by might, not by punishment, rather by experiencing consequences through love and connection. We also have to be God's helpers and help the fallen and the bent by remembering our own falls and when we were/are bent.

1)    How do I remember that I am/have enough?

2)    What do I learn from each of my "falls"?

3)    How can I learn that consequences are not punishments, actually they are loving?