"God, put your wisdom on and in me. You give me Your understanding and from Your great kindness you are kind to me."

This prayer, said early in the morning, reminds me that I am created in the Image of God and I have within me these powerful attributes of God. The prayer helps me remember to use these attributes in my daily living.

Wisdom- allows me to discern Truth from falsehood in my thinking and in the thinking of others.

Understanding- helps me to understand how to use Truth in the best way for self and others.

Kindness- reminds me that through kindness I am made better and I can help others with my kindness to be better.


1)    How do I use my wisdom to serve God and not my false ego?

2)    How do use Truth to enhance my life and the lives of others rather than as a club?

3)    How do I use the kindness I am shown to be a better human being?